WordPress Backstage First View

Once you logged in, you can see the WordPress backstage. It looks like this:


WordPress Author admin page

On the left you can see the left menu, it has links to all websites bits you can edit and all the tools you can use. In the image above you can see Posts, Media, Comments, Profile, Tools, Collapse menu links. If you are a user with Editor level, you will also see ‘Pages’ link in the main menu.

Links in the left menu

  • Posts – will open a list of exisitng posts, post categories and an ‘Add New’ link.
  • Media – link to the Media library.
  • Pages – will open a list of exisitng pages and an ‘Add New’ link.
  • Comments – a list of all comments added to posts and pages if the site allows comments.
  • Profile – your profile. You can change your email address, nickname, name, password, even the colour schemeĀ  of your admin pages. The only thing you can’t edit is your username.
  • Tools
  • Collapse menu – will make your editing field wider.

Click on ‘Pages’ or ‘Posts’ – you will see all the posts or pages the site has. If you are an Editor, you will be able to edit any page or post or add more.

You can also delete posts and pages, but please be careful!

Pages Table

This is the list of pages / posts you will see when clicking on the Pages / Posts link in the left menu:

WordPress pages table

This looks very different from the front end of your website and can be confusing. I suggest you use a little trick: look at the top bar – at the very top of the page – you can see a home icon and your website name next to it. In the image above it is Smart Marketing.

Roll your mouse over the icon, a drop-down will appear with these words: Visit Site. You can click on it or right-click on it and open it in a new tab. Now you see the front end again, but at the very top you see the admin bar with some usefull links.

Browse your site the normal way, go to the page or post you want to edit. Then look at the top black bar. You will see the magic words there among other links: ‘Edit Post’ or ‘Edit Page’. Click on it and you will be taken to the Page / Post editor.

See how to use the WordPress Page or Post editor


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