Online Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

Your website is one of a million new websites put on the internet each week. So your chances of being found without search engine optimisation are low and likely going to take a long time to work.

Accelerating the ranking process is the secret to make your website work for you. It’s a separate process to the website build and needs ongoing work to hold a top position. While you don’t work on it someone else does … snakes and ladders !

We offer cost effective programs to help your website rank well – there is no magic bullet, just lots of grind in the ever changing world of ranking algorithms. Talk to us, as the game changes every month.


All of our websites are currently made to be compatible with mobile devices.

The internet is now the cornerstone of most company’s marketing, promotional and corporate image. Being there with a great up-to-date website is vital in today’s competitive business world.

There are some very good reasons to be on the net, these include: “where do you get it” advertising, corporate image building, credibility, catalogue style advertising and shopping, information providing and update and international direct marketing.

We have been designing and building websites almost since the start of the internet, working in HTML, PHP, ASP, JavaScript, Flash, MySQL, Dreamweaver, Flash, Swish, WordPress, Magento, Bootstrap, JQuery, Ajax, Proprietary e-commerce software and more, the list grows every month.

We don’t offer ‘packages’ like many others, every website we have ever built is unique in requirement, design and programming. Your needs are particular and our design and programing team will give your website the individual solution, image and functionality it requires.

Our expertise covers all types of websites, from smaller simple websites to complex database and e-commerce websites. These may include, Content Management Systems, SEO, Blog systems, Security Contact Forms, Video Plug-ins, Newsletters, Image slideshows, Photo Galleries, Forms, Open Source Modules, Custom Build Modules and more.

Here’s a few of our sites, some new, some older, but all built to suit the client with the technology and functionality required.

Hosting & Domain Name Registration

A website can’t be found without an address – much like a house. We manage your domain name registration and hosting through our provider, Net Virtue. We have worked with them for years and are very familiar with their services and how best to use them.

So we know exactly what your site needs and how to get it.

We will manage your hosting platform, email, FTP, databases as well as the URL and email forwarding that you may need to get your site up and running.

Unlike a house, your site will be booted from its address if you do not renew your Domain Name Registration. Since you can’t be sure someone else won’t snatch up your Domain Name while you aren’t using it, we’ll make sure you’ll never accidentally fail to renew your registration.